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I am kind of short on cash but I need some repairs, is it okay if I ask the company to lower its prices?

LY Garage Door Repair offers prices that are set lower than the competition. Most of these prices are based on some factors from which the company does not have a large margin from. These factors include raw material costs, labor costs for repairs, labor costs for installation of new garage doors, charges and fees for transportation and a lot more. Apart from all of the ones mentioned, the company also shoulders costs regarding fuel, vehicle maintenance and repairs, employment, advertising and delivery.  However, there are certain situations where in the company gives some considerations if and when they can do it.

When it comes to estimating a garage door project, does the company offer free estimates or does it come with a fee?

If the project calls for the installation of a new garage door, the company will send its servicemen or representatives to the home of the customer, take a look at the size of the project, make measurements regarding the door and the opening, and provide a cost estimate on how much they need to shell out. When it comes to repair and maintenance service estimates, the company customer care representative will gladly offer an estimate on the project over the phone based on the information the customer provides them. The good news is that all of these estimates are given out for free.

When is a garage door replaceable with a new one?

Try to operate your garage door. In case it is no longer working properly and you see a lot of damage in various areas of the garage door, this could only mean one thing – you need to change your garage door immediately. A second reason to have a garage door replaced is when you remodel the façade of your house and your garage door does not match the motif. This will certainly cause an eyesore if you do not have it replaced. The reason for this is that the value of the whole home goes up if a garage door fits into its design theme.

The garage door opens with the use of the remote controller but does not close. What is the problem with it?

There can be a number of problem possibilities to choose from. However the most common answer to your question would be problems pertaining to the garage door safety sensors which are placed on either sides of the doorway of the garage.  These sensors will have to be positioned in such a way that both of them are facing each other. The owner will have to make sure that there is nothing that can obstruct them from the remote controller. However, the best thing to do is to bring in LY Garage Door repair for the proper diagnosis and repairs.

Is there a possibility that a garage door be opened using a damaged electric garage door opener?

The answer to that is YES! A garage door can be opened even when its electrically charged garage door opener is damaged since the opener is usually equipped with manually operated release cord that when it is engaged, it blocks out the garage door mechanism. All the customer has to do is to pull on the cord and the door will manually open to its full capacity. Once it is fully opened, the garage door stays there. The only way to close it is to manually pull it down. But to be successful in doing this, the customer must be inside the garage.

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