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Garage Door Installation Service By LY Garage Door Repair Houston

We Can Teach You How to Install a Garage Door

Garage Door Repair Houston allows you to customize your garage door. You can choose from a vast collection of garage door models. We have trendy aluminum garage door installation. Trendsetters look for today’s classic-styled houses. Crisp frames and bold designs molded from durable resistant aluminum structures and fiber glass make a striking blend in your house. Our garage door installation service comes with a standard frame. It has a fine width and frame with a beautiful finish and special security options. We also have garage doors for courtyards. It is insulated by steel and crafted to resemble a classic design of wood for a traditional look. If you like the versatile appearance of steel garage doors, we can guide you on how to install a garage door. This type of garage door gives a dramatic effect to your house. It is also low-maintenance, with a thermal tolerance of 12 in the R-value scale.

We can also offer you a premium package for this garage door, with a maximum thermal tolerance, being made of insulated steel. Its doors are flexible, durable. LY Garage Door Repair caters to the locals of Houston, TX.

Garage Door Installation by LY Garage Door Repair

​​Garage doors from LY Garage Door Repair are one of the most reliable in the industry. You can also be assured of our services’ availability, day or night. To eliminate your worries on how to install a garage door, it is perfectly safe as long as  you leave the job to experts like us. Our work is proven to be durable and reliable. The safety of your house depends on the durability of your garage door. That ‘s why it is important to hand the task to the most trusted garage door service provider.

​​By picking us as your garage door service company, we assure you that you making a worthy  investment. Once you make us part of your plan, we will give you the best service that you can think of.  We will offer you our vast collection of door models that does not just serve as an aesthetic piece, but as a security measure to your home as well. You can choose from different designs that will surely complement your style.

Our team is composed of reliable and experienced technicians. They have undergone several stages of training that definitely follow the standard procedure for installing, maintaining, and repairing your garage doors. Your job request is in good hands.

Tools and parts of Your Garage Door

Our company can tend to your entire garage door request, including the provision of tools and parts for your garage doors. Since these doors need to be maintained, it is vital to make sure that all parts are in good condition. We have roller door service, where we offer comprehensive products of steel rollers for your garage door. We have stocks of insulated and non-insulated boards that are made of stainless steel, aluminum, and galvanized steel door. Our company also has fire-rated garage doors, which have a high tolerance for heat. This rolling steel has wide specs that are flexible in size and style. We don’t just offer our garage doors for commercial or residential purposes. We can also cater to and secure pedestrian locations such as shops, boutiques, and hospitals. For commercial and residential garage doors, we offer counter gates. Counter gates are the stylish answer to securing your vicinity in industrial areas. If you want fast installation, we can give you a rolling sheet garage door. It is also a cheaper option. For more flexible doors, we give you security grilles. It is a side-folding garage door with an overhead coiling protection. It is recommended for commercial and industrial establishments.

Your reliable garage door repair service

LY Garage Door Repair provides powerful, durable. and long-lasting garage doors. We have designed our automatic doors innovatively. Our team utilizes quality materials for building your garage doors and for coming up with an integrated security system for your home. Our garage doors feature a lot of exceptional functions and specifications that will handle great tension, as well as slow the deterioration process. Each garage door built by LY Garage Door Repair comes with a standard feature of ultimate protection control, and is easy to use. We offer a variety of garage door accessories such as: a screw drive feature that utilizes the steel drive tool, which in turn is connected to the motor. This feature is maintenance-free and requires no lubrication. It is proven to be high-speed and powerful. Another is the belt drive system that smoothens the operation of garage doors. It allows the garage door to open and close quietly. Lastly, the chain drive feature gives value and dependable performance to your garage door.

We can assist you with all the plans and actions that will be taken in installing your garage door. All you have to do is contact us.

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